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Here are some of the comments received in the last few years from our clients. We enclose them for your perusal so that you can get to know us better and to assist you in the selection of a real estate professional in your next transaction.


“It was a long haul due to market changes but you were there for us every step of the way. Always keeping us updated with our competition and guiding us through the process. We couldn’t have done it without you”

C. Douma and E. Clairoux


“I want to thank Dan Mayer for making our home purchase such a great experience. he made it stress free. Dan was fantastic, honest, always there to answer any questions, all around great experiece and i will definitely recommend anyone I know that is looking to buy or sell to Dan Mayer”

                                                                                                                                                           C. and M. Sellars



“Dan was extremely knowledgeable and was able to help us with the concept  of buying a duplex. He answered us quickly and accurately and was a pleasure to deal with”

                                                                                                                                                   L. Hyman & S. Alvarez


“We have bought and sold many properties in many different parts of North America and this Royal LePage team exceeded our expectations in all aspects. It was a joy to work with your team”

                                                                                                                                                                         P. & M. Kruse



“I feel that Dan got into real estate because he likes to help people realize thir dreams. H ehelps you prepare to buy / sell with total integrity. Some agents are good, some very good, some excellent and then there are those that are AMAZING dream catchers. I found the dream catcher!”

D. Vigier


“Dan went above and beyond for us. He provided additional assistance with ongoing tasks, guided us on projects to take on which had a great return in the appearance of our home and regained all expenses and more with the great offer he presented. All around impressed with your service”

A. Wallbott & A. Oelke


“I appreciated all of Dan’s help in selling my home. Your marketing strategies, negotiation skills and attention to detail ensured the process was an easy one for me. I couldn’t be happier that I chose you as a realtor”

T. Mailloux


“We were looking for support in preparing the house for sale, such as what to fix, what to stage etc. and recommnedations for trades support. We were very happy with the advice received. Thanks Dan”

R. & B. Keightley


“Dan was always very knowledgeable about every home we saw, and has a solid understanding of the Ottawa market and neighbourhoods”

M. Mafi


“Amazing team! From research to communication, selling our home was a breeze of rfresh air with Dan even though the pandemic in the Ottawa Region”

M. Laurin & C. Cleroux



“As first time home buyers during a very difficult time for any buyer Dan helped us find a home that met all of our requirements and for a competitive price. Dan made the search enjoyable and we always looked forward to our walk-throughs. Dan is patient, kind, knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor. We will definitely be recommending Dan to our friends and will work with him in the future.”

Andre T and Stephany F-T


“We have bought and sold many properties in many different parts of North America and this Royal LePage team exceeded our expectations in all aspects. It was a joy to work with Dan. Great communication, quick responses to any questions we had. Thank you!. “

P and M Kruse


“Lysanne Brault/Lb Home Team was very helpful- helped with re-doing lighting in the house, helped to move some furniture. Lysanne went and got the lights and had them installed ( by an electrician). Lysanne always had time for us and answered any questions we had about selling the house. Lysanne staged the house making it look much better.”

Bradley C


Thank you so much Lysanne for your help throughout our home buying process. Anna and I were blown away by how conscientious and knowledgeable you were from your first email all the way through. And Lisa was fantastic and accommodating to our tight timeline – she made us feel as though we were her only clients, stuck in for the long days with multiple viewings, answered all our questions, and gave us great and helpful advice. You both anticipated needs we didn’t even know we had, spoke plainly regarding your thoughts on our preferred properties (even the ones we really liked, but you didn’t!), and steered us clear of pitfalls we surely would have fallen prey to on our own! Even the home inspector and lawyer you put us in touch with were top notch – obviously well versed and meticulous in their craft, and willing to take considerable time to answer all of our questions. We are absolutely thrilled with the house, and – quite simply – couldn’t have done it without you guys. We will definitely be recommending both you and Lisa to all of our family, friends, and RCMP coworkers! Thanks so much again! Talk soon I’m sure.

Michael K


In spite of the fact that we are living 45 kms from the location of the property, Lysanne was able to arrange visits and meetings in such a manner that we felt each step of the process was proceeding in an orderly fashion.  Excellent communication contributed to a smooth conclusion”  

J.  & G. Tasseron   


“This was the first time I have sold a house on my own.  Lysanne’s experience, knowledge, and advice gave me complete confidence.  I was very impressed with her attention to detail.  Thanks to Lysanne, my house sold for full asking price to the first person who viewed it!  This would not have happened without Lysanne’s hard work and availability throughout the process.  I am 100% satisfied with the service provided and I highly recommend Lysanne’s services.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jane A.


We appreciated how Lysanne dealt with our situation. I found Lysanne to be working on our behalf and this was evident during our review of multiple offers…. all and each offer was evaluated on its merits. I liked the fact nothing was “sugar coated”. Lysanne was open, honest and candid in her advice and guidance. Sometimes we really did not want to hear the realities but Lysanne did  articulate things in a way that gained acceptance on our part. I liked her directness and we really could not have wished for a better outcome.”

C. and D. Gaudes

We were 100% satisfied with your work/advice and would recommend you (and have already) to anyone looking to buy/sell in the Ottawa area.

A & P Englehart

“Lysanne made us feel like we were her only client, being very attentive to me and my “concerned” family, as far as accommodating us for an extra visit on the long weekend. She called me often to remind me of any business details that I should be doing or attending to. With discretion, Lysanne even assured herself that I was financially in a position to bridge my purchase should my house not sell on time. We, as a family, felt very well guided in her hands. She is very knowledgeable, devoted but humble at the same time. We ill gladly recommend her to anyone who needs a good broker!

D. Magne

“Lysanne’s knowledge of the market and her professionalism were invaluable. I would gladly work with Lysanne again and have already recommended her to many friends! Thanks!

S. Johnson

“Lysanne had an excellent knowledge of neighbourhooods and quality of homes. Lysanne made sure we got the documents we wanted when the other side completed them incorrectly

P. Taylor & M. Donnelly

____________________________________________________________________________________________“”We had 1 week to find a house — we found the perfect one in 2 days. Lysanne’s knowledge of the Ottawa area and military moves was amazing. We will refer her to our friends. Thank you Lysanne for making the process so easy (and fun!). I look forward to working with you again.

J. & J. Poirier

“Lysanne, you went out of your way on the purchase of our new home-to-be! The easy accessibility to Lysanne and her promptness to get back to us. The purchase of our condo would not have been possible without Lysanne’s dedication. She even enlisted the help of her staff and friends to  get us our dream home! Merci à tous!

N. & B. McGee

“In a preliminary meeting (6 weeks prior to listing) we asked Lysanne for a list of items that she would suggest we do prior to listing that would improve the saleability of the property. We followed her suggestions (for design, paint and furniture placement) and we were rewarded with a very quick sale of the house at a very good price. We were impressed with the prompt service; detail oriented; very knowledgeable about the current market trends. Would recommend Lysanne’s services to others.

L. MacDonald & B. Harper

“We could not imagine purchasing a home without you. Especially due to our limited time as well as your adjustment to the price difference –things were very emotional…you help to keep us “Me” grounded and focused on our task. Thanks for all of our help and support.

S. & C. Elgin


“Lysanne’s dedication to assisting us in making decisions in the sale of our home was very helpful. We have been very pleased with Lysanne’s honesty and expertise during our discussions. She really helped us in making our decisions easier. We appreciated her assistance”

A. Walker

One of my biggest impressions was Lysanne was willing to say “no” and tell me the house that I was looking at may not be a wise purchase. Really appreciate that! Lysanne is not like a typical salesperson where she would try to pressure me into buying something. All of her advice from home builder to location, to layout, to neighbours was excellent! I found Lysanne to be very easy communicate with and found her always there for me when I needed her”

A. Walker

Lysanne was extremely adaptive and patient with the evolving situation and guided us through unchartered territory with confidence and humour. We have experienced all manner of agen/broker personalities and approaches; and LB Home is by far the best! “Top-notch”

M. & M. Claveau

We think the best part of our experience with Lysanne was her ability to ask all the right questions to determine what we were actually looking for and what our needs were. As a result we have a home that we are excited to be moving into in an area of the city that is ideal for us.”

T. VanHoof & D. Malowski

Knowledge of the Orleans area, high traffic areas to avoid, helpful tips on entire home buying process.”

A. Smale & K. Dornan

…the personal care I received was great.”

J. Cook

Impresed with the way Lysanne earned our trust and confidence so swiftly. We will be certain to refer friends to Lysanne and her team.”

A. & R. Howard

Promptly responds to both queries and phone calls. Service overall was excellent. Each member of the team was pleasant and easy going which was appreciative as selling a home can be very stressful. Very supportive team.”

G. Dolph & K. Hinks

…seems to go out of her way to make sure our experience goes smoothly and that every aspect, even post-sale, gets done.”

G. Pitre & A. Desrochers

Presenting research on what other houses were available in different price ranges helped us understand our competition. Selling the house is not an easy process for the Seller. Lysanne was direct and to the point. She helped us take control of our situation and get the house to the level that it was required to achieve the highest yield. We enjoyed the entire process.”

J. & C. Witkowicz

Lysanne responded very quickly to all of our emails and telephone messages. Lysanne made excellent suggestions and helped make us feel confident that we were making a good decision. She understood what we wanted immediately and was capable of accommodating our limited time”

T. & L. Cox

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