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Land Transfer Tax Refunds for 1st Time Buyers:

For more information on :

1 – How do I know if I qualify for a refund?

2 – How much is the refund?

3 – How will I be able to get the refund?

for more information and to see video visit:

All areas of Ontario 1-800-263-7965

French language enquiries 1-800-668-5821

Teletypewriter (TTY) 1-800-263-7776

Home Downsizing: Is It For You?

Author: Lysanne Brault

As the baby boomers aged over the last decade, many have reached that stage in life where they are thinking of downsizing. Then, many choices come to mind.

Some want to move into a townhouse (condominium or freehold) for ease of maintenance. Others consider a bungalow (attached or detached) for ease of movement, while still others favour the apartment for security and peace of mind. This is especially true for those often away from home. Recently a  new option has been to consider renting and free themselves up of the responsibility of ownership prior to moving to a retirement home. A sort of interim option.
Some homeowners want to change location once they retire and are no longer restricted by a daily commute. Others renovate their existing home to adapt rooms to their new needs.


Have You Heard of Title Insurance?

This article appeared in the February 1998 LB Home™ NEWSLETTER

Author: Gerald A. Dust, Barrister & Solicitor, Beament Green Dust (now Dust Evans)

Title Insurance is a relatively new product being offered in Ontario. It is an alternative to the more traditional means of ‘insuring’ your title through certification by your lawyer.

Whenever a lawyer ‘certifies your title’, he or she searches the title and then guarantees that you have good title to your real estate. Your legal fees pay for this certification, among other things. If you later have a problem with your title, you can force your lawyer to fix it or to compensate you for the damages that you suffer as a result of it.

The lawyer has insurance to protect him or her in these situations.

With title insurance, many of the searches your lawyer usually does are not done. Title insurance may also remove the requirement for a survey. You pay the insurer for a policy insuring your title. If you later discover a problem with your title, you go directly to the insurance company to be compensated.

The costs and benefits of title insurance vary from company to company. Whether or not you need it or should have it is something that you can discuss with your lawyer who, at the present time in Ontario, must be involved in the issuance of a title insurance policy.