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Choosing a mover

Preparation and organization are the best tools to reduce your stress level. Booking the right mover can be key to ensuring a smooth stressful move.

Finding a reputable mover

  • Ask friends or colleagues for recommendations.
  • Refer to the Yellow Pages. Call two or three recommended movers and make an appointment for their representative to come to your home to discuss details of your move.
  • Insist on an experienced driver who will be responsible for packing and moving your belongings.
  • Discuss the whole process of the move with the company’s representative. Ask him/her about cost, timing, the company’s liability in case of damage or loss, the company’s unloading procedure at the new location, and any special requirements for moving a piano, antiques, appliances, car, etc.
  • Make all of your expectations clear
  • Finally, plan to be there during the move

Ensure that:

  • The moving company can accommodate all of your needs
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau to confirm your choice
  • All the services you requested are included in your estimate
  • You know when payment is expected.Most companies will insist on receiving payment by certified cheque, cash or money order before they unload at your new home.

Home-Sweet Home!

  • Arrange the children’s bedroom first
  • Unpack the kitchen next until it’s workable
  • Unpack the laundry area and bathrooms