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Referral Services

Dan Mayer has been in business for over 10 years and has developed a network of reliable professionals and trades to serve you. With years of transaction experience, he continually assists people arriving or leaving to other destinations in Canada, the United States or Overseas. He has earned the trust of other REALTORS®s in other parts of Canada and the United States and they in turn have earned his to take care of his clients.

So whether you need Real Estate Services in Ottawa or in other parts of Canada or the United States, Dan will probably know a Real Estate Agent in that area and will be pleased to refer you to them. He will be following up with you and /or with the agent to ensure continued satisfaction therefore allowing her to keep quality Agents within her Network.

Whether it is for a personal move, military transfer, RCMP, or Corporate/Government Relocation situation, you can rest assured that Dan has encountered your particular situation before and he has the experience and resources to meet your needs.

Dan’s goal is to always make recommendations geared to your goals, aiming to generate an exceptional buying or selling experience for you with him or with an agent in her network of professionals.