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Real Estate Trends

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Millenials & Housing Trend

  Author: Lysanne Brault (Jan. 2017)

The equally important Real Estate trend is related to arrival of the Millennials generation in the Real Estate market. You will notice the following: 1) They’re generally extremely good-looking and stylish 2) They’re dressed as though they didn’t try to look good, and yet they do 3) They’re generally all in shape “Millennials” are currently young adults that were kids at the turn of the millennium. “Millennials” don’t really remember what the world was like before the Internet. They are “The Fingertip Generation,” as they’ve had everything they’ve ever wanted at their fingertips. They never had to ride their bikes around the neighbourhood to find a friend, since everybody had cell phones, ICQ, MSN Messenger, or text messages. They’ve rarely had to go to the mall to look around in various stores for clothing (with their mothers…), since there were photos of everything available on websites. They are used to viewing things on small screen, even used to “tunnel- video game” type views, so videos are part of their way to familiarize themselves with everything.

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Who are the boomers? And how will they and new generations affect housing and employment?

Baby boomers are the generation born in the two decades following the Second World War. Statistics Canada defines baby boomers as those born between 1946 and 1965, which means they currently range in age from 50 to 69. This is the definition The Globe and Mail has used for stories in its boomer series to ensure data match the most commonly used national statistics.

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