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How can we help you in buying New Construction

What can a REALTOR® do to help me buy a new home from a builder? It seems pretty straight forward. They have a sale office and all. We just go in and talk to the sales staff and discuss and make an offer.

Sounds familiar?

The type of advice and expertise we, as REALTORS®, can bring to the table varies with each client and situation. Some of our clients are buying for themselves or for a family member to live in and then rent back to them as an investment. For some clients, it’s a first house, second house or one of many. For others, it’s a new lifestyle as we are seeing with the adult communities.

Dan can provide you with advice and guide you along your new construction buying process, from “when is it smart to buy new construction”, all the way to your final move and and beyond. Some topics may be:

  • The whole question of HST on upper price range and investment, buying for a family member.
  • How to best finance a new home, rebates, interest rates, Government plans
  • When to consult an accountant, a lawyer
  • Hidden costs of buying new that builders do not tell you
  • Compare the benefits and the disadvantages of buying new vs. existing in a given time and location
  • To assist our clients in selecting a proper lot for their needs, resellable upgrades, etc., what is a good resale overall
  • Many times these days, there are model homes or there is only a modified version of the home to be built. We help people visualize the finished product which is truly for sale
  • Suggest modifications with a view to the retention of the resale value of the property, should that be a preoccupation of our client
  • See through the model home with all its upgrades to ensure our clients are not disappointed
  • Help our clients to check the reputation of the different builders, their past performance for after sale service, follow-up on repairs, as well as past punctuality in delivering homes in general
  • We facilitate the timing of the sale and purchase fo their homes, keeping in mind delays or not from builders as well as suggest and implement strategies to maximize return and minimize worry and double moves
  • Ease the whole process and alert client to questions to attend along the way
  • Last but not least, provide a perspective on what is normal for Ottawa and what is not when it comes to new construction

*** Important to note – Most builders do cooperate with agents and a simple form between the builder and agent is signed. Dan will ensure your best interests are considered when purchasing new construction; let his experience guide you through the whole process. There are some builders rules so that Dan can assist you: First contact with the builder(s) must be by or with Dan if you would like his assistance. Contact Dan early to discuss your needs/wants.


Demystifying buying new construction

Not all agents are familiar with builder’s products. Lysanne can help you in all these facets and more because she makes a point of keeping abreast of new constructions, new trends, including those in the area of new condo lifestyle, downsizing and new types of construction and layouts.

Now let us clear up some myths regarding builders.

Myth: I can get a better price if I deal directly with the builder.
Fact: Within the urban area of Ottawa, that is generally false. The fee the Builder pays out to your Agent comes out of their Marketing envelope – a more global envelope, not of the individual transaction.

Myth: The Builder will treat me differently (read: not as well) if I come with a Real Estate Agent
Fact: Builders in Ottawa are glad to co-operate with Real Estate Agents. They often send flyers to us to promote their products even before it goes to the public. They benefit from the volume of qualified buyers we work with on a regular basis. They also benefit in the time spent with individual buyers at the sales site which is much reduced when the buyer is accompanied by a Real Estate Agent who knows what you are looking for.

Myth: I will have to pay the Agent if I go with them at the Builder
Fact: The Builder pays the commission as per their Co-op rate. Just ensure your contract with your Agent addresses this appropriately when you sign the Buyer Agency Contract and that you are clear on your obligations.

Myth: The Sales staff at the Sales office will give me as good a service as my own Agent.
Fact: The sale representative at the Sales Office represents the best interest of the Builder. It may sometimes coincide with your best interest but not always and why would you want to take that chance since it usually does not cost you anything extra to get your own best advice

Myth: All Real Estate Agents keep informed on the new projects and trends.
Fact: Not all REALTORS® keep themselves informed on New Construction, trends. Ask your REALTOR® about the projects you are interested in. They should at least have heard about it and be able to discuss its advantages/disadvantages.


“My husband and I have found that it is extremely beneficial to work with a real estate broker when it comes to a new construction home. Lysanne Brault assisted us immensely with her knowledge of the builders in Ottawa. She guided us throughout the process ahd helped to outline the technical and administrative processes involved in purchasing new construction. Lysanne was a great attribute in acting as a liasion for us with the builder. She comes highly recommended for thise who are considering purchasing a new construction home.”

F. & C. Howland